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Suffer No Fool



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We cannot hide, the danger is real We find the strength to suffer no fool “Suffer No Fool” is our newest WCIPA, and with this one we really wanted to take it to the Southern Hemisphere to see how our new treatments work with EXTRA fruity hops. If you’ve been following along, our WCIPA bases are strictly Riverbend Pilsner malt with a touch of Chit, so as to allow the hops to shine with minimal malt presence. And boy, oh boy, did this do just that! Mashed with Riverbendmalt Chesapeake Pils and a dash of Proximitymalt Dextrin. We then hopped it throughout the boil with the ever-complex Ella, and hit it hard in the Whirlpool with Michigan Cashmere to set a citrus-forward base. Fermented crisp and clean with our House WCIPA yeast, and then spunded for a perfect natural carbonation. We then dry-hopped it once, but BIG TIME, with a blend of Motueka, Pacific Sunrise, Eclipse, and a dab of Riwaka CGX. Prepare for a jolly and bright tropical fruit salad, fresh Satsuma Tangerines, those lil lemon-lime jelly candies, some sorta upside-down-bizzaro version of old-school WCIPA citrusy pop but way more bright and without the pithy-resin, and a nice balance of stank-weed-dankness wrapped up in a firm bitterness that never overpowers.

IPA - New Zealand

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